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Leisure Time


Hi there, my name is Tim Comrie and I’m an illustrator, cartoonist and painter from Toronto, Canada. I’ve tried a lot of different media and attained some satisfaction from each but, most recently, comics and illustration make up the bulk of my output.
 I’ve been a comics fan for a long time but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I really decided to get serious about making my own. I’d started to read a few Canadian-born/based cartoonists, namely Seth, Chester Brown, Joe Matt, and the less-established-but-great Ethan Rilly. I appreciated the honesty of these artists’ writing and the deceptive simplicity of their artwork. It occurred to me that I’d really like to do something in that vein.

Anyway, I just published the first issue of a series I’m writing and drawing called LEISURE and I’m really proud of it. If you like the unsolicited soliloquies  of Woody Allen, the horrible truth of The Larry Sanders Show, and the sexual allure of Steve Buscemi, I think you shall enjoy Leisure.

Click on the above image to see the first few pages or to order a copy for yourself or your pet or hairdresser.


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