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Kali Illustration and some Leisure News

  I was recently hired to do an illustration for use in an independent Canadian documentary. Titled, Karmageddon, the film casts some light on the life of Western Buddhist yogi Bhagavan Das. A popular figure in the sixties, he partly came to the general public’s attention after being featured in the book Be Here Now.

  The illustration I did depicts Kali, a hindu goddess Das identifies with. Kali is usually depicted standing atop Shiva, holding the decapitated head of the demon Raktabija.

  Even though this is quite different from what I usually paint, it was an enjoyable project overall and the client was great to work for. Most images I looked at of Kali seem to be done with airbrush but I used acrylic for my final stage.


 I dropped off some issues of Leisure at the renowned Beguiling comic store in Toronto on Markham Street yesterday. If you don’t want to pay shipping costs, or you want to put my name in the Beguiling clerks’ brains, buy a copy from them; my comics are on the first floor in the zine section.

  If you buy a Leisure issue from them send me an email saying so so I can keep track of how many are still there. Thanks friends. 

  PS. I have another blog with a lot more postings at timcomrie@blogspot.com/.

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